Corys from Cornwall

Alice Cory MuttonAlice Cory Mutton

Alice’s grandmother was Jane Cory who was born in 1813 in Tresparrett.  She was the daughter of Robert Cory (husbandman and later blacksmith) and Alice French.  Her father died young in 1830 of typhus fever, leaving Alice’s mother to bring up eight children. The eldest son was only 17 when he took over the family smithy at Tresparrett after his father’s death.  After a few years all but one of the family moved to St Helier in Jersey, where they prospered and became pillars of the Bible Christian community.

Alice Cory Mutton, the eldest of nine children, was born in St Helier on 4th January 1865. She went to a private boarding school in France, studying music and dancing and winning prizes for the former. One bitter Christmas when Alice was 12, she was returning home for the holidays when she and her travelling companions missed the boat. They stayed overnight in an hotel and the next morning anxious to get home, the eldest girl, a captain’s daughter, chartered a boat with five fishermen to take them to the island.

Unfortunately the boat was caught in a fog and stranded near rocks. The three friends, the captain’s daughter aged 15, a child of 9 and Alice, spent the night tied to the mast for safety. All the coastguards were out on the search and they were finally found and rescued. After reaching Jersey the three girls were public heroines for quite a time.

Alice’s family eventually moved to Hornsey, London, for business reasons when Alice was 20. Alice married Kenneth Alfred Lee and in time had grandchildren of her on. She was obviously not harmed by her adventure—Mrs Alice Cory Lee lived to celebrate her 97th birthday! (Tree: Devon & Cornwall, 13 Tresparett)

Trees: All titles are parish names with the exception of No. 13, Tresparett, which is a hamlet.

D  West Putford
E  Poundstock
F  Stratton
G  Crowan/Camborne
H  Holsworthy
K  Pyworthy

1.   Woolsery
2.   Lifton
3.   North Petherwin
4.   Marystow
5.   Altarnun
6.   Sutcombe
7.   Bratton Clovelly
8.   Tavistock
9.   Frithelstock
10. Linkinhorne
11. Bridgerule
12. Tremaine
13. Tresparett
14. Davidstow (Benjamin)
15. St Juliot
16. Marhamchurch
17. Lansallos
18. Jacobstow
19. Davidstow (Isaac)
20. Abbotsham
21. Warbstow
22. Helston
23. Calstock
24. St Ive
25. St Austell
26. Lewannick
27. Plymouth (Corry)
28. Lostwithiel
29. Phillack
30. Antony
31. Plymstock
32. Lesnewth & St Juliot

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