Friends of The Cory Society

Invitation to all past members of the Cory Society. The Friends of the Cory Society will be meeting in Harpole in 2017.  See Newsletter No. 70 for more information or E-mail:

2016 Isle of Wight Event

The 2016 Cory Society Event in the Isle of Wight was a most enjoyable visit during which we were very well entertained. Particular thanks go to all those who made us all so welcome including everyone at All Saints Church, Ryde, The Royal Victoria Yacht Club, and the wonderful  Lillington family at Quarr Hill House….


Harpole in Northamptonshire should it be renamed Coryville?

The Isle of Wight Corys

If you are a Cory (or related to a Cory) living in the Isle of Wight, we are sorry that you missed us when we stayed at the Trouville Hotel over the weekend 17th-20th June.  Click here for information on  these Isle of Wight Corys and the visit can be found in the newsletter section.

The Cory rose blooms online!

The Cory Society adopted the rose as our new logo in 2004. It was designed by Ann Bedford-Groom, wife of our Treasurer at that time, David Bedford-Groom. One of the aims of the Cory Society was to maintain data banks of our accumulated research and assist members and others with their own research. Now, that…

The Cory Society DNA Project

The Cory Society DNA Project began in 2001 when we were offered the chance of taking part in a university’s DNA project. Three male volunteers were selected from our membership. We were hugely disappointed when there was no match between them, proving that we did not descend from one man! Read more about results in…

Dyffryn Gardens -in the News

  We visited Dyffryn Gardens during our Bristol Event in 2010 and it was a lovely place to spend a sunny day!  Read more about our visit in  Events and Cory Dyffryn history.

The Burrell Cory Family

In 1815 at St Andrews Church, Wickmere in Norfolk, Thomas Cory married Mary Burrell. They went on to have two children, George Cory, baptised at Alby in 1816 and Joseph Burrell Cory at Aylsham in 1818. And so the Burrell Cory Family was born! Read more here The Burrell Cory Family

Cory Authors

W T W (Bill) Cory, DEng, MSc, CEng, FIMechE, MCIBSE, wrote Fans and Ventilation: A Practical Guide. This practical reference book and guide was written by our very own Bill Cory, one time Kent coordinator of the Cory Society! Read about more Cory authors on the  India page

Corys in War Time

The following issues of Cory Newsletters contain articles about Corys in war time. Newsletters can be viewed here. Aug.1999    19    Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-1919 Dec.1999    20    Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-1919 Debt of Honour Aug.2001    25    Indian Mutiny Medal Aug.2002   28    My First Deep Sea Voyage Dec.2004    35    Northampton Soldiers…


There’s been a few, too numerous to mention, but if you would like to take a look back to see the places visited by members of the society and the people who attended, click here or follow the links below to take you the relevant newsletter reports. Date No Preview/Event Nov.1993 2 The First Annual…