There’s been a few, too numerous to mention, but if you would like to take a look back to see the places visited by members of the society and the people who attended, click here or follow the links below to take you the relevant newsletter reports.

Date No Preview/Event
Nov.1993 2 The First Annual General Meeting; How Many Corys?
Nov.1994 5 Whalesborough, Cornwall; The Second Annual Meeting
Nov.1994 5 The Americans are Coming!
Apr.1995 6 Week St Mary, Cornwall; The Launceston Reunion (May 12-14)
Jul. 1995 7 Cory Barton, West Putford, Devon; Corys Discover Their Roots
Nov.1995 8 Cory Lodge, Cambridge University
Nov.1995 8 The Third Annual General Meeting
Apr.1996 9 London Weekend & AGM, Victory Services Club
Sept.1996 10 AGM 9th June 1996: Vernon Cory- An Honorary Member For Life.
Sept.1996 10 The Cory Weekend, 7-9 June 1996- London- A Personal View
Sept.1996 10 Snapped at “The Cory Weekend” on 8 June 1996 (Event)
Apr.1997 12 Cory Weekend & AGM June 1997; Visit to Norfolk September 1997
Aug.1997 13 Visit to the College of Arms and Talk by Andrea Duncan 13/14 June 1997
Dec.1997 14 AGM London June 1998; A visit to South Wales, September 1998
Apr.1998 15 Editorial: Report of Events. GRO indexing project & GRO Certificates
Dec.1998 17 Weekend in South Wales
Dec.1998 17 Events for 1999: May in London; Northampton in August
Apr.1999 18 Cory Weekend, June 1998: Report on Title Deeds by Chris Pitt Lewis
Dec.1999 20 2000 Events: Jersey-April; AGM-June; Virginia, USA-August
Dec.1999 20 Northampton: Communities, Conundrums and Corys
Apr.2000 21 AGM /London Weekend
Aug.2000 22 Jersey Weekend
Apr.2001 24 Proposed Visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum
Aug.2001 25 Events; Thanks to Peter Ockelford & Pam Barnes
Dec.2001 26 Visit to the V & A
Aug.2002 28 The Cory Society AGM: 22 June 2002; Cory Victorian Miscreants
Aug.2003 31 AGM Talk on Surnames: Is this your Name?
Aug.2003 31 A Report on the DNA Project: Dr Bill Cory’s talk at the AGM
Dec.2003 32 The Americans Are Coming! (Harpole)
Aug.2004 34 Northampton Weekend with our American Visitors
Aug.2005 37 Cory Family Society Reunion 2005
Aug.2005 37 Minutes Extra: re London Bombings
Aug.2006 40 The Cory Society’s 2006 Event at Deal, Kent
Dec.2006 41 The Cory Family Society of America Meeting 2006
Dec.2006 41 Cambridge Weekend 22-23 June 2007
Apr.2007 42 Cambridge Weekend Itinerary. 22nd – 24th June 2007
Aug.2007 43 Cambridge Event & AGM
Apr.2008 45 AGM Invite: London, 13th June 2008
Aug.2008 46 London Event and AGM, 13th June 2008
Aug.2008 46 A Date for your Diary? Norfolk Event 19-21 June 2008
Dec.2008 47 Norfolk Weekend
Dec.2008 47 Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Aug. 2009 49 The Cory Society’s Norfolk Event 2009
Dec. 2009 50 100th Western Pennsylvania Area Cory Reunion
Aug. 2010 52 Corys All Shipshape & Bristol Fashion at 2010 Event
Aug. 2011 55 2011 Event & AGM: London, Bloomsbury
Dec. 2011 56 The Proposed Cory Society AGM 2012: Chesterfield, 22-25 June 2012
Aug. 2012 58 The Cory Society Event 2012 – Derbyshire
Dec.2012 59 Plans for The Cory Event & AGM in Surrey, 2013
Aug.2013 61 Surrey Event 2013: Wisley, Lindley Library
Aug.2013 61 Surrey Event 2013: National Archive
Aug.2013 61 Surrey Event 2013: Kew Gardens
Aug.2013 61 Surrey Event 2013: Guildford & Shere
Aug.2013 61 Surrey Event 2013: Hampton Court Palace with a wheelchair
Dec.2013 62 The Cory Event & AGM in London – June 7-9, 2014
Apr.2014 63 The Annual General Meeting & Event
Aug.2014 64 The Cory Event & AGM in London – June 7-9, 2014
Dec.2014 65 Upcoming Events: Stratford on Avon; The American Cory Family Event
Aug 2015 66 Warwickshire Event: Shottery, Stratford on Avon, & Bletchley Park
Dec.2015 68 Isle of Wight Event Preview

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