The Cory rose blooms online!

Single Cory Rose LogoThe Cory Society adopted the rose as our new logo in 2004. It was designed by Ann Bedford-Groom, wife of our Treasurer at that time, David Bedford-Groom.

One of the aims of the Cory Society was to maintain data banks of our accumulated research and assist members and others with their own research.

Now, that the society’s research project has come to an end, we are sharing our knowledge through this archive. Find out more about Cory researchers.

Discover the contents of the archives of Cory Society stored on this website…

What is the Cory rose?  There is a rose grown at Cory Lodge, Cambridge University Botanic Garden, called the Rosa xcoryana H. This ‘shrub species’ rose  is a deep shade of pink. There is also another rose  of the shrub species rosa Corymbifera H which was first listed in 1897 and is said to have open pale pink tipped flowers similar to the wild rose, producing prominent red fruits in clusters after the flowers have faded.

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