Sir Robert Corie – Correcting Errors

How frustrating is it when you know something is wrong on a website and yet there is no way to correct it!

I am always happy to correct any misinformation that has arisen on this website. With over 11,000 individuals in the Cory Archive and numerous pedigree tables it does happen, and I really appreciate those who contact me and give me the opportunity to correct it.

A website for the name of CORRIE states the Sir Robert Corrie and his wife Lady Susanna went to Norwich, Norfolk in 1398 and took over Brammerton Hall and that they both died in 1444. Of their sons William’s line starts out in Cornwall and John’s starts out in Devonshire.  Unfortunately, email links for the various websites connecting to the name of Corrie do not work so I am posting this blog:

  • Sadly no Norfolk Cory was ever knighted;
  • there is no record of Robert Corie’s wife’s name or death;
  • Robert Corie built Bramerton Hall;
  • Robert’s first born son, William, remained at Bramerton;
  • Robert’s second son, John, went into the church, and as a Catholic priest did not marry and therefore had no issue;
  • DNA testing has proved that there is no match between Norfolk and Devon and Cornwall DNA samples.


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