Remembrance Day

How many parents of our younger generation encourage their children to take part in this day of remembrance?  How many youngsters have taken part in a service of remembrance or even watched the march past at the ceremony at the Cenataph in London today? Why we should remember! Stories of some of those Corys who…

Cory Friends Event 2017

Cory Friends met up again at Harpole and enjoyed a well organised number of events in Northampton on an exceptionally hot weekend! Read all about the event and more in the Cory Friends Newsletter. Following the style of the Cory Society Newsletter this edition was especially drawn up for the 2017 event with news of…

Sir Robert Corie – Correcting Errors

How frustrating is it when you know something is wrong on a website and yet there is no way to correct it! I am always happy to correct any misinformation that has arisen on this website. With over 11,000 individuals in the Cory Archive and numerous pedigree tables it does happen, and I really appreciate…

Cory Suffragettes

I wasn’t surprised to find that there were Cory ladies involved in the Suffragette movement but I was amazed when I came across one who was actually labelled as ‘suffragette’ on her family’s 1911 census document! Find out more …

East End latest!

East End families find their roots lie in Norfolk – see two new Norfolk pedigree tables.

Kent Table connects to Leicestershire

A recent inquiry resulted in further research of one Kent family and the creation of two new pedigrees tables in Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Montgomeryshire.

Today’s the day!

The new look website is online. Rather than a window of what the Cory Society is, it is now a Cory Archive of what we were and have achieved. Hopefully, the website will be a place to go for anything you wanted to remember or know about the Corys. There’s a lot to look through so you will not do…

Start searching….

Twenty -three years of research into the Cory/Corey name, personal stories, their origins, pedigree tables, newsletter articles and much more! Click here and off you go….

Friends of The Cory Society

Invitation to all past members of the Cory Society. The Friends of the Cory Society will be meeting in Harpole in 2017.  See Newsletter No. 70 for more information or E-mail:

2016 Isle of Wight Event

The 2016 Cory Society Event in the Isle of Wight was a most enjoyable visit during which we were very well entertained. Particular thanks go to all those who made us all so welcome including everyone at All Saints Church, Ryde, The Royal Victoria Yacht Club, and the wonderful  Lillington family at Quarr Hill House….


Harpole in Northamptonshire should it be renamed Coryville?

The Isle of Wight Corys

If you are a Cory (or related to a Cory) living in the Isle of Wight, we are sorry that you missed us when we stayed at the Trouville Hotel over the weekend 17th-20th June.  Click here for information on  these Isle of Wight Corys and the visit can be found in the newsletter section.