CanadaAmongst those who emigrated to Canada were forty people from the village of Kettlestone in Norfolk. Poverty and depression was rife in England after the Napoleonic Wars and many left to seek a better life. Many were encouraged to go to save future expenditure for their upkeep by the parish Board of Guardians, Amidst those from Kettlestone who boarded the Eliza Liddle at Kings Lynn on 16 June 1836 were Lucy and Thomas Harrison with their baby daughter Harriet.

Lucy was the daughter of William Reeder and Martha née Cory who had 9 children before 1811 all baptised at Kettlestone. Martha, who died Kettlestone churcha few months after Lucy left, in October 1836, was the daughter of John and Mary Cory (née England) who married at Earlham, Norfolk, in 1758. John’s brother was James Cory Snr (1733-1873) who was Rector of  Kettlestone when the emigration was arranged and was probably influencial in getting their names on the list.The Norfolk page has a photograph of the grave stones of the Kettlestone Corys. 

Kettlestone bayIrene Harrison’s The Cory Reeder Harrison Family Tree (1995, private circulation) was based on the Canadian descendants of William Reeder and Martha Cory (The English Corys: Table A1/N6). The immigrants’ destination was Port Francis River near its junction with the great St Lawrence. In the north east corner of Hudson Bay is a small inlet called Kettlestone Bay, a rough rocky area that is presumed to be a point where the travellers stopped for fresh water. 


In the Cory Archives, three photographs from a Canadian descendant of Richard Cory, born Clovelly, Devon in 1831 and died in 1914, we believe in Canada.  Richard married Mary Ann Fraine or Frien in 1859. the marriage is recorded in the Torrington district. Richard and Mary Ann had two sons who were born in England: William H Cory born in 1860 at Shebbear, and Richard White Cory 1861 Milton Damerel – 1930 Nesbitt, Manitoba, who was named after his paternal grandmother, Nancy White. (Woolsery Tree W3).  His daughter Molly, with him in the photograph on the left, was born after they left England.

Richard White Cory married Sarah Jane Ramage in Ontario in 1899 and they had 3 children:    Mary Edna Hume Cory, Henry Ethbert Cory, Sara  Catherine Cory.

Canada Cory 2The second photograph is labelled as Richard Cory’s wife, Mary Ann Fraine, and their son, Henry (Hank) Cory but there are no dates to help with identification. Similarly, the group photograph below, is named only as Cory relatives in England.

Richard’s parents were William Cory (1799-1879) & Nancy White (1810-1891). They had two other sons apart from Richard: William, 1828; and Thomas, 1834, who never married; and three daughters: Ann, 1843; Susan, 1846; and Grace, 1850. Our records show that William married Harriet Frain or Fraind in 1853 and the couple had 5 children:  Henry Friend Cory, 1855; William, 1856; Mary A, 1858; Martha, 1860; Thomas, 1862.

Canada Cory 3