Cory Friends- Events and News

CoryFamilyFriends Sad to see the dissolution of the Cory Society a few members of the Cory Society were determined to continue the friendships that they had formed over many years at committee meetings and events. They formed the Cory Friends, a small group, designed with the sole purpose to meet up once a year to meet valued friends.

Contacts keep coming through the website about various Cory families,  and any new Cory information that comes to light is continually added to the Cory database to help those who ask for help in the future. Happy to share these updates with Cory Friends at the first event in 2017 in the format of the traditional Cory Newsletter, this has been continued by popular request to include one for each event.

Cory Friends News 2017
Issue Number 1:
People Are Still Interested In The Name of Cory
Sir Herbert Beynon Cory (1855-1927)
Henry Cory (1827-1879) & Mary Ann Bolton (1835, St Pancras-)
From Sleepy Lingwood to Cable Street: Peter Douglas Cory (1932-2017)
Cory Friends Event – 16th to 19th June, 2017
Kathleen’s Flying Visit
Bradworthy Anniversary

Cory Friends News 2018
Issue Number 2:

Cory Website Viewers
Red Cross Volunteers
Dame Mary Corie
New Devon Additions: One thing leads to another!
A Portrait In The Royal Collection
Two Cory Sisters of Note
Cory Friends in North Yorkshire, 2018
Cory Friends Event at Hayling Island, Hampshire, in 2019

Cory Friends News 2019
Issue Number 3: Contents:

Sydney George Cory MBE
Riegels and the Stratford Corys
Corys in the National Portrait Gallery
Robert Woolmer Cory (1811-1882)
Dr Isaac Rising Cory (1860-1945)
Sinah Warren, 4th-8th June 2019
The High Society Wedding of Rosalie Cory
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