Devon & Cornwall Pedigree Tables

There are two series of trees for Devon and Cornwall: D – H and K published by Michael and Vernon Cory (1995) and, in a series numbered 1-32 by Ida Birch, other trees contributed/researched since that date drawn by Margaret Goffin. The list of Pedigree Tables for Devon and Cornwall, and connecting trees in other areas are listed on this page.

* Denotes connections established by DNA testing to other trees, which had not been found in parish records or paper documents.

D WEST PUTFORD TREE **: English Corys D1; D2;    D1; D2; D3   D4; D5;D6
Devon, Hartland/Bradworthy/West Putford:

John Cory [1505 – 1563] married ?Jane Skenick. Probably son of Walter.
James Cory m 1833 Jane Shepherd (D3 updated) Some descendants from this line can also trace their pedigree back to a Woolsery family. Both pedigrees are shown through this link Hartland &Woolsery 2

E POUNDSTOCK TREE: English Corys E1; E2 updated 2015 **** Poundstock E1 & E2

Cornwall, Poundstock/Jacobstow/St Gennys: Henry Cory [c1735 – 1816] ‘of Jacobstow’ married Mary Hacker 1758 at Poundstock. Probably Henry baptised 1734 St Gennys son of William & Mary Cory Probably William from Week St Mary.

F STRATTON TREE: English Corys F1; F2;  Stratton F1 F2
F3 & F4;  Stratton USA & London
Langdon Court F5; Australian F6; Stratton (from F2) F7; Stratton F5 F6 F7
London & Devon, Wembury & Cornwall, Poughill/Stratton: Nicholas Cory married Grace Saunders 1647 Poughill. Probably Nicholas son of John who married Sarah Crossman.

G CROWAN/CAMBORNE TREE: G1;G2; G3; ****  Cornwall G1 G2 G3

Cornwall, Crowan/Camborne: Henry Cory [c1752 – 1800] married Ann Bastard 1782 Crowan. Probably Henry Cory baptised 1752 Crowan son of Henry Cory & Mary Hensley who married in 1751 at Crowan.

H HOLSWORTHY TREE: AUSTRALIAN CORYS: H1 to H12; * Australian Trees H1 to H12

Devon, Holsworthy/Rattery & Cornwall, Marhamchurch: Samuel Cory [ – 1711] married Dorothy Bampfield (by marriage licence dated 1663). Probably son of John Cory, mercer of Holsworthy.

K PYWORTHY TREE: English Corys: Devon, Milton Damerel/Clawton/Pyworthy:
Samuel Cory married Mary Allen 1711  K1: Pyworthy 
Able Cory m 1799 Grace Banbury  K2*  Pyworthy Banbury
John Cory m 1745 Elizabeth Lane K3*  Pyworthy Lane
William Rundle Hayman Cory m 1882 Elizabeth Susan Cann K4*  Pyworthy Hayman

1 WOOLSERY TREE: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; Devon: Woolsery/Bradworthy:
Francis Cory [c1724 – 1806] married Mary Turner 1745 at Bradworthy. Linked to West Putford by DNA testing.  Woolsery1A/1B/1C

Hugh Cory m 1] 1778 Jane Beare: W2: Some descendants from this line can also trace their pedigree back to James Cory m 1833 Jane Shepherd.  Both pedigrees are shown through this link    DevonHartD3Wools2
Hugh Cory  m 2] 1792 Ann Eddy W3: Woolsery3

Francis Cory m 1787 Margaret Hopper W4: Woolsery4
William Cory m 1815 Susanna Vanstone W5: Woolsery5

2 LIFTON TREE:   Lifton Maker2    2A:  LiftonTucker2A

Devon, Lifton & Cornwall, Jacobstow: Richard Cory [c1798 – 1872] married Jane Maker 1833 at Plymouth St Andrews.

3 NORTH PETHERWIN TREE: ****    North Petherwin 3     North Petherwin 3A

Cornwall, North Petherwin/Otterham/St Gennys: John Cory [c1798 – 1889] who married Elizabeth Saunders 1820 at Otterham. Probably John baptised 1797 St Gennys son of William Cory & Grace Gill.

4 MARYSTOW TREE: Descendants of Bratton Clovelly: K4;  K5

Devon, Bratton Clovelly/Marystow/Stowford: Mary Cory [c1749 – 1821] will dated 1816.

K4;  Bratton Clovelly K4 Mary Bickel married 1770 Bratton Clovelly, John Cory, origin unknown.

K5  Bratton Clovelly K5   James Cory m 1811 Emily Eastcott.

5 ALTARNUN TREE:  Altarnun 5  Nicholas baptised 1713 Altarnun son of Nicholas & Elizabeth.

London & Cornwall, St Germans, Altarnun: Nicholas Cory [1713-1791] married Joan Pellow 1743 at Altarnun.
5A:     Charles Cory m 1855 Sarah Ann Mayhew
5B:     George Nicholas Cory m 1859 Sarah Ann Flowers plus Sir Geo. Ed Cory of South Africa; SA2
Altarnun 5A & 5B

6 SUTCOMBE TREE: perhaps connects to Frithelstock Tree  Sutcombe

Devon, Lew Trenchard/Bridestow/Sutcombe: Hugh Cory [1705 – ?1762] married Susanna Johns 1738 at Sutcombe. Probably Hugh baptised 1705, son of Hugh and links with West Putford Tree D.


Devon, Bratton Clovelly & Cornwall, Jacobstow: Thomas Cory [c1802 -?1873 or 1865] & Grace Down married 1828 at Bratton Clovelly. Probably baptised 1802 at Jacobstow son of William Cory and Mary Ayers m 1779 (see tree 12)


Devon, Tavistock: John Cory & Elizabeth Walter married 1800 at East Stonehouse (Plymouth). Possibly John Cory baptised at Bradford 1775, son of Stephen/Grace nee Sargent. If so, this would link with Tree D.

9 FRITHELSTOCK TREE: (perhaps connection to Sutcombe?) Frithelstock

Devon, Frithelstock/Petersmarland/Sutcombe: The Rev Daniel Cory [died 1734] married Margaret Eastaway 1689 at Sutcombe. Possibly baptised 1657 at Pyworthy son of Isaac Cory or 1666 at Sutcombe son of Richard Cory.

10 LINKINHORNE TREE: Linkinhorne

Cornwall, Linkinhorne: Richard Cory [c1774-1848] & Susanna Chubb married 1796. Probably Richard baptised 1773 at Linkinhorne, son of Richard who married Ann Searle in 1768.

11 BRIDGERULE TREE:  Bridgerule

Cornwall, Tintagel/Lanteglos/Bridgerule: Richard Cory [c1798 – 1870] & Thomasin French married 1822 Davidstow. Probably Richard Cory baptised 1798 at Bridgerule, illegitimate son of Catherine Cory, Richard More the father.

12 TREMAINE TREE:  Tremaine

Cornwall, Tremaine/Jacobstow: William Cory (c1785 – ?1865) & Margery Taylor married 1812 Tremaine. Probably William baptised 1785 at Jacobstow son of William Cory and Mary Ayers m 1779 (see tree 7)

13 TRESPARRETT & JERSEY TREE: English Corys Table 13 ****

Cornwall, Tresparrett in St Juliot: Robert Cory & Joan, no marriage found. Probably Robert Cory baptised 1747 St Gennys son of William/Elizabeth. Tresparrett & Jersey

14 DAVIDSTOW (BENJAMIN) TREE:  Davidstow Ben 14

Cornwall, St Cleer/Laneast/Davidstow: Benjamin Cory [c1790 – 1873] & Grace Bray married 1813 Altarnun Link with Tree 19: Benjamin Cory’s baptism discovered 1790 Davidstow, son of Thomas Cory/Mary.

15 ST JULIOT TREE:  St Juliot

Cornwall, St Juliot: William Cory [c1778 – ] & Thomazine Herring married 1799 Otterham. Probably William Cory baptised 1779 at Warbstow, son of Robert/Joan. See Tree 13.

16 MARHAMCHURCH TREE: Launcells & Marhamchurch
NEAL; LauncellsMarhamchurch16a

Cornwall, Marhamchurch/Launcells: James Cory & Elizabeth Jones married 1804 at North Petherwin and family born Launcells. Possibly same James Cory married firstly, Mary Dayman 1789 Launcells where some offspring baptised.

17 LANSALLOS TREE:  Lansallos 17a

Cornwall, Lansallos: Henry Cory [c1776 – 1842] & Grace Symons married 1799 East Stonehouse (Plymouth) Devon. Probably Henry Cory baptised 1775 Southill, son of John Cory /Jane Chapman who married 1775 (John recorded as a widower).

18 JACOBSTOW TREE:  Jacobstow

Cornwall, Jacobstow: John Cory & Margaret nee Harris married 1814 at Jacobstow.

19 DAVIDSTOW (ISAAC) TREE:  Davidstow Isaac

Cornwall, Jacobstow: Isaac Cory [c1781 – 1852] & Maria Prout married 1811 Davidstow. Probably Isaac Cory baptised 1780 Jacobstow, son of Thomas/Mary nee Broad. Link with Tree 14: Benjamin Cory’s baptism discovered 1790 Davidstow, son of Thomas Cory/Mary.


Henry French Cory m 1756 Frances Veal (links to Stratton Tree F2) Abbotsham Veal

Devon, Abbotsham, Cornwall, Week St Mary: John Cory [c1842 – 1924] & Grace Bale. [Family group only.] Abbotsham Bale

21 WARBSTOW TREE:  Warbstow

Cornwall, Warbstow: Richard Cory [c1798 – ?1872] & Martha Bailey married 1825 Warbstow. Many of their family, and Richard, emigrated to America – story on the internet but some dates and places do not tie up with our records.

22 HELSTON TREE: Helston

Cornwall, Helston: John Cory [c1776 – 1858) & Maria Masters married 1805 Helston. Probably John Cory baptised 1775 Morwenstow son of Thomas Cory/Grace Brooks married 1773 at Morwenstow and place of birth on 1851 census recorded as Morestow. If so, this links with Tree 1 and Tree D.

23 CALSTOCK TREE:  Calstock

Devon, Plymouth & Cornwall, Calstock: William Cory who married secondly, Elizabeth Warwick 1794, Calstock. Possibly William born c1773 (burial of a William Cory in 1847 aged 78 at Calstock). Other Cory family groups included.

24 ST IVE TREE:  St Ive Emery

London from Cornwall, Altarnun: William Cory [c1823 – before 1913] & Henrietta Emery. Probably William Cory baptised 1824 Altarnun illegitimate son of Mary Cory. This family emigrated to Australia in July 1881.

25 ST AUSTELL TREE:  St Austell  connects to ISLE OF WIGHT

Cornwall, St Austell: John Cory [1787 – ] & Maria Roberts married 1808 St Austell. Probably John Cory baptised 1783 Bodmin son of Richard Cory/Ann nee Stone. (1851 census Birthplace).

26 LEWANNICK TREE: Lewannick

Cornwall, Lewannick/Week St Mary: Thomas Cory [c1818 -????] & Elizabeth plus family in Launceston in 1861. Probably Thomas baptised 1818 Week St Mary son of Henry/Frances Cory. If so, link with Tree F.

27 PLYMOUTH (CORRY) TREE: Plymouth Curry/Corry

Devon, Plymouth: A Corry/Cory family. Thomas Corry, son of cooper Thomas Corry. married Mary Rogers 1845 Plymouth Charles. Thomas Corry snr son of Nicholas Curry who married Sarah Patey in 1780 at Tiverton, Devon.

28 LOSTWITHIEL TREE:  Lostwithiel

Devon, Barnstaple & Cornwall, Lostwithiel: Thomas Cory (died before 1841) & Jennifer Boswarrick married 1797 Lanlivery. Possibly Thomas 1775 son of Nicholas/Mary Linkinhorne or Thomas 1776 Jacobstow son of Thomas/Mary or ?

29 PHILLACK TREE:  Phillack

Cornwall, Phillack/St Hilary: William Cory & Mary Symons married 1768 at St Hilary.

30 ANTONY TREE:  Antony

Cornwall, Antony/Lezant: William Cory [1802-1806 birth date from 1841 census] married secondly Elizabeth Venner 1830 Lezant. Son William Venner Cory moved to Antony.

31 PLYMSTOCK TREE:  Plymstock Cotton

Devon, Plymstock & Cornwall, Boyton: Richard Cotton Cory [1815-1893] and Dina(h) Richard baptised 1815 Plymstock son of Thomas Cory married Grace Cotton 1798 Boyton. Richard Cory m 1839 Elizabeth Rawle

32 LESNEWTH & ST JULIOT: from 13 TRESPARETT   Lesnewth  

Richard Cory, b 1818 St Juliot, son of Richard Cory & Alice French, married in 1839 at Camelford,  Elizabeth Rawle, b1820 Davidstow.