Earliest Corys

Earliest Corys

In the 1530s Thomas Cromwell carried out the Reformation and, of great interest and use to genealogists today, a law to register parish records. Cory names were to be found in many different parishes from as early as the 14th century but the earliest recorded in our archives is Simon de Cory, landowner in Essex 1246 -1253.

Bedfordshire;     Thomas Cory, villein 1308.
Bristol, Gloucester;         John & Johanna Cory, corvesour 1535;Robert Corie, 1567/8 and Richard Corie 1569 apprentice records (as shoemakers) sons of Robert Corie of Barton near Bristol.
Buckinghamshire;               Thomas Cory, attorney 1344; John Cory, paviour 1386; John Cory, collector of customs 1397.
Devon;     Walter Cory, building at Cory Barton in 1485 (Burkes Peerage 1939)
Dorset;     John Cory, Hundred of Whitchurch, Dorset Lay Subsidy.
Essex;                      Simon de Cory, landowner 1246-1253.
Hampshire;               Richard Cory, elder 1352.
Hertfordshire;          William and Adam Cory, Inquistion Post Mortem 1358.
Kennington Documents;     John Cory attorney of Henry, 1343.
Kent;                         Thomas Cory, merchant 1340; John Cory, parson 1387-1405.
Middlesex;                John Cory, arrested 1374;  Adam Cory, 1398.
Norfolk;                    Geoffrey Cory, priest 1324; John Cory, priest 1338; Peter Cory 1348-1356.
Northamptonshire;        John Cory, prisoner 1394;  John Cory, landowner 1442; John Cory of Barnake 1442.
Oxfordshire;       Richard Cory, 1394.
Rising Documents;           John Cory, attorney 1344.
Stafford Castle, Staffordshire; John Cory, earl’s servant 1433.
Somerset;                John de Cory, witness 1339;  Henry North Cory 1382.
Sussex;                     Richard Cory, killed 1309.
Westminster;           John Cory, clerk 1341 and 1344; John Cory controller of petty custom in the port of London 1356/7;
John Cory, draper of the city of London son of Richard. Will registered 1561 re burial in St Paul’s church, property in Westchepe and elsewhere; Richard Cori, butcher of the city of London, husband of Edith, father of  William and John. Will dated 1343 re burial in church of St Leonard in Eastchepe and property in St Leonards, Will registered in 1361.
Wiltshire;          Richard Cory, trespasser 1400.
Windsor, Berkshire;        John de Cory, princes clerk 1345.

Be it knowne to all men, so starts the will of Roger Cory, a Civil War soldier and a patient in the Ely Hospital in 1658….

Judith Cory of Hutton Hall asks in her will dated 1660, ‘to be decently interred near to my late, most dearly beloved husband, Thomas Cory, in the church of Hutton’.