The Cory Newsletter was first issued to members in July 1993 and continued until the dissolution of the Cory Society in 2016. Each issue contained articles about Corys, what they did and where they came from. The area of interest is based on the area the Corys in the articles came from, hence D/C/S.Wales stands for the Corys originating from Devon, Cornwall and South Wales. A parish found in Devon in one census could well have crossed the border into Cornwall by the next!


The society made the decision to remove the full postal addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses from these newsletters to protect members’ privacy. All else remains as issued and distributed to our membership three times a year. There are 69 newsletters posted here as part of the Cory Archive. They are here for you to enjoy and perhaps provide other avenues for you to research. You might also like the chance to view a few selected chapters from The English Corys, Their History and Distribution by Michael and Vernon Cory. This 1995 publication is no longer in print, but a few selected chapters from the publication have been added in response to recent contacts.

There is more to your family history than just dates!

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Newsletter Date Article Interest/Area
1993 July No 1
The New Society: Aims General
  Research in 1992/93 General
  Feature Article: The Corys, Where Did They Come From? General
1993 November No 2
The First Annual General Meeting; How Many Corys? Event/General
  Points from the Mailbag ALL
  Current Research Norfolk
  Men of Ships, Coal and Iron D/C/SW/USA
1994 April No 3
Langdon Court, Wembury, Devon; Points From The Mailbag ALL
  Research Series:The Norfolk- Cornwall Connection (2) ALL
  Feature Article: John Cory and the King’s Silver Mines ALL
1994 July No 4
St Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall; The English Corys ALL
  Points from the Mailbag; North Devon Home for Gnomes! ALL
  Research Series:The Norfolk- Cornwall Connection (3) Norfolk
  Feature Article: Soldiers of the King ALL
1994 November No 5 Whalesborough, Cornwall; The Second Annual Meeting Event
  Research Series:The Norfolk- Cornwall Connection (4) ALL
  The Americans are Coming! Event
  Colonel Arthur Cory (1812-1903) India
  The Cory and ‘Quantas’ Australasia
1995 April No 6 Week St Mary, Cornwall; The Launceston Reunion (May 12-14) Event
  The English Corys (Published) Advert
  Research Series:The Norfolk- Cornwall Connection (5) Norfolk
  Frank Cory of Longreach, Queensland, Australia Australasia
  Origins and Distribution of the Corys (Research Papers) ALL
  Feature Article: The Corsairs Dev/Cornwall
1995 July No 7 Cory Barton, West Putford, Devon; English & American Corys Discover Their Roots Event
  Research Papers Available; Advance Notice of AGM General
  Some Seafaring Corys:See also Postscript page 7 ALL
  The Norfolk – Cornwall Connection (6): College Oxford & Cambridge ALL
  Frank Cory of Longreach, Queensland, Australia Australasia
1995 November No 8 A Get Well Message to Vernon Cory, Our Chairman; Cory Lodge, Cambridge University Event
  A Cory Judge in Polynesia Australasia
  Research Series: The Norfolk-Cornwall Connection (7) Norfolk
  The Third Annual General Meeting Event
  Research Papers Available; Back Numbers of Newsletters Advert
  Anniversary NFK/Canada
  Reginald Radcliffe Cory (1871-1934) Photograph D/C/S.Wales
  The English Corys: Their History & Distribution ALL
  Lower Cory, Morwenstow Devon
1996 April No 9 News of Vernon Cory, Our Chairman; Old Kettlestone Rectory for Sale. Gen/Norfolk
  Beside The Shalimar: Adela Cory in India India
  Sources for Research: Wills & Indexes at Somerset House- 1858 to date General
  The Norfolk – Cornwall Connection (8) Norfolk
  Letter of Edward G Masey re Gostwyck Corys Australasia
  Book Review: Fate Knows No Tears by Mary Talbot Cross (Jenny Carter) Advert
  London Weekend & AGM, Victory Services Club Event
1996 September No 10
AGM 9th June 1996: Vernon Cory- An Honorary Member For Life. Event
  Cover Story: Arthur Robert Cory Norfolk
  The Corys of Kooringa Australasia
  The Cory Weekend, 7-9 June 1996- London- A Personal View Event
  Sources for Research: Making of the Census 1841-1891 General
  Snapped at “The Cory Weekend” on 8 June 1996 (Event) Event
  Letters re: Thos Corey & Abigail Gould (Goole); Will of Col Arthur Cory (d1903) USA & D/C/S.Wales
1996 December No 11 The Night Alice Was Bound To Remember Cornwall
  Editorial; Cory Weekend & AGM 13/14 Jun 1997 General/Event
  GRO Indexes Growing ALL
  A Family Tale of Silver Spoons & Sarah Shingles Norfolk
  In The News: Lord McGowen’s / Carmen Cory; John Chichester of Hart mar Elizabeth Cory Dev/Cornwall
  Query from Kate Pearce re Eli Cory of Lifton and USA connection C/USA
  Book Review:Cory of Devon: Holworthy, Rattery & Clawton Devon
  Bible Christian Ministers: Thomas James Cory- Update Devon
  The Curse of Giles Corey (of Salem) USA/Northants
  Arthur Cory (d1903) update Norfolk
1997 April No 12 Clowning About Led to Disaster (Gt Yarmouth Suspension Bridge Collapse) Norfolk
  Cory Weekend & AGM 13/15 Jun 1997; Visit to Norfolk 20/21 Sep 1997 Event
  Northamptonshire Giles Cory update Northants
  Stan Cory, Barrister and former Supreme Court Judge of Papua New Guinea Australasia
  From our own Correspondent: Bill Cory of Worthington; Eva Cory; Thomas Corry Can/NFK/Unk
  Researching in Cornwall? General
  Emigration from Devon in the 19th Century Devon
  The Big Hole of Delabole and Cory M I s at Kelly in Devon Devon
1997 August No 13 Networking, Introduction to the AGM by our Chairman Mark Hassall Cornwall
  A Cautionary Tale: James Cory of HM Customs, born Woolfardy West, Devon Devon
  Captain Eva Cory Budge of the American Salvation Army USA/Norfolk
  Percy Cory of Launceston; In the News: Dyffyn Gardens benefits from National Lottery General
  Corresp: John & Jane of Altarnum, Cornwall; Humphrey C & Thomas Shingles Cory C/NFK
  Query:Christine Todd re Cory marriages at Wickmere, Norfolk Norfolk
  Visit to the College of Arms and Talk by Andrea Duncan 13/14 June 1997 Event
  Obituary: Booming Voice and a Big Heart: Bill Cory of Worthing, Sussex (1918-1995) Can/Sussex
1997 December No 14
Rev James Cory (1857-1924) – Bible Christian Minister Cornwall
  Visit to Bramerton, Norfolk NFK/Event
  Facts and Fantasy- Another Cautionary Tale: Gostwyck Corys Aus/D
  Peter Le Neve:Norroy King of Arms and compiler of the Norfolk Pedigree Norfolk
  Obituary: Percival Thomas Cory of Launceston, Cornwall (1907-1997) Cornwall
  Cory Cuisine in Queensland Australasia
  Editorial: Events:AGM London 13 June 1998. A visit to South Wales, 11-13 Sep 1998 Events
  A Summer’s Evening Jaunt.(Visiting Graveyards) Devon
1998 April No 15
Obituary: Gilbert Gostwyck Cory (1839-1924) of ‘Vacy’, Russell Street, Toowoomba Australasia
  When I was Seven (Poem) S.Wales
  Chance Discoveries- The Thrills of Genealogy S.Wales
  Looking for a Marriage? Try our Devon Index Devon
  From our own Corresp. Contacts; Dr Wm Gillett Cory; Thomas Cory husband of Eliz Trick NFK/D
  Let’s Capture Monumental Inscriptions on Film- before it’s too late General
  Titanic: Mary Phyllis Corey wife of Percy C Corey USA/India
  Editorial: Report of Events. GRO indexing project & GRO Certificates Events/Gen
1998 August No 16 Shooting Party at Langdon Court (Photo) C/S.Wales
  AGM Talk 13 June 1998: Social Mobility: The Corys in Bloomsbury – and Beyond C/S.Wales
  Cory Commemorations and Memorials Norfolk
  Michael & Frances Cory in their garden at Wimborne Minster bside their Cory roses. (Photo) Norfolk
  Vacy, Toowoomba, Home of Gilbert Gostwyck Cory Australasia
  When is a Cory not a Cory? When it’s a Cory-Wright C/S.Wales
  Query: Lost and Found, but do you know more? Wilfred Clarence Powell-Cory General
  William Johnson Cory. Poem and article. Devon
1998 December No 17 The Norfolk Burrell Corys or How I started out as a Burrell and ended up a Cory Norfolk
  From our own Corresp: S African Death Notices; Constance Ellen Fisher Stratton S Africa
  My Search for Bessie Cory Mitchell of Menwenicke Farm Cornwall
  Weekend in South Wales Event
  Events for 1999: 1-3 May London; Northampton 20-22 Aug Event
1999 April No 18
Dame Jane Anne Gordon Cory’s Bequests/ Cardiff Families’ Pedigree S.Wales
  Title Deeds- Report of the talk by Chris Pitt Lewis given at the Cory Weekend, June 1998 Event
  From our own Corresp: Cory Illustrators and Poets. General
  Richard Cory (Poem) General
  Legacy to the Nationa Life Boat Institution- launching of the Alfred Corry in 1893 Norfolk
  Dame Jane Anne Gordon Cory’s Jewellery S.Wales
  Dyffryn House, St Nicholas, nr Cardiff (Photos) S.Wales
1999 August No 19 Arthur Ernest Cory (1891-1957) of Northamptonshire Northants
  Dame Jane Anne Gordon Cory’s Bequests/ Lace Shawls and textiles to V & A Museum S.Wales
  It’s All in the Genes: Chairman’s Talk at the AGM, 1 May 1999 General/DNA
  Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-1919 ALL
  Scouting in Rye- Capt Edward John Cory DSO MC (Boer War) Norfolk
  Walk Around Bloomsbury C/Nfk/ Ldn
  On the Market: Pwll-y-Myn, Peterson-super-Ely, Vale of Glamorgan S.Wales
1999 December No 20 Day of Disaster: Robert Cory’s Bridge Norfolk
  Making Cory Connections: Appeals for Male for DNA Project DNA
  The Norfolk Corys by Michael R Cory Norfolk
  My Elusive Richard Cory Dev/Cornwall
  Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-1919 Debt of Honour ALL
  Communities, Conundrums and Corys Event/NtH
  Jersey Event 7-9 Apr 2000;AGM 3 June 2000; USA Event in Virginia 25-27 August 2000 Event
2000 April No 21 Once a Cory Dev/Cornwall
  The National Burial Index ALL
  Commonwealth War Graves Commission (cont) ALL
  A Pen Portrait of Grandma Andrew Devon
  AGM /London Weekend Event
  Letters to the Editor: Cory Pharmacy/Arabic Khoury ALL
  Letters to the Editor: Stoke Climsland Dev/Cornwall
  Letters to the Editor: Yarmouth Bridge Disaster; Norfolk
  Letters to the Editor: Death of Charles Cory; Norfolk
  Letters to the Editor: Samuel B Cory’s Litigation Cases re Libel Actions. Norfolk
2000 August No 22 Jersey Weekend Event
  Gene Update: What’s in a Name? ALL
  Leave no Stone Unturned Nfk/Northants
  The Bible Christian Connexion Dev/Cornwall
2000 December No 23
Visiting Bramerton and Old Catton Norfolk
  Talented Cory Embroiderers D/C/SW
  An Unlawful Appropriation of Pheasant’s Eggs Norfolk
  The Alfred Corry Lifeboat Museum and Three Men in a Boat NFK/IREL
  Archives available for Research ALL
  Letter to the Editor: Re Chairman’s Introduction; No 22 page 3 ALL
  Obituary: Cicely Joan Milner Submitted
2001 April No 24
Tales from Kent: The Corys of Deal Kent
  Sharing my Internet Experiences ALL
  Abbey Park Cemetery Burials Dev/Cornwall
  Proposed Visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum Event
  Nobel Prize Winners USA
  Bendigo Goldfields Uprising of 1853 Aus/D/C
  An Unexpected Discovery Norfolk
2001 August No 25 William Thomas Cory of Kent Kent
  HMS Vanguard Kent
  Kent Postcard 2 Kent
  Corn Riots Norfolk
  Indian Mutiny Medal Norfolk
  Cory MBE Cornwall
  Events; Thanks to Peter Ockelford & Pam Barnes Event
  Seeing Double Cornwall
  The Weight of Evidence or Shaving with Occam’s Razor Norfolk
2001 December No 26 Lost now Found Norfolk
  Charles the Second’s Visit to Norfolk Norfolk
  Visit to the V & A Event/S.Wales
  Cory Mayors of Great Yarmouth Norfolk
  My New Zealand Family – Bill’s Story continues Kent
  Keeping Your Records Up To Date ALL
  The English Corys and the Cory Society ALL
  DNA Testing DNA
2002 April No 27 The Coreys in the North East Norfolk
  Hospitals and Medical Men ALL
  Recording Memorial Inscriptions Norfolk
  Canadian Immigration Canada
  Cory House, Northampton Street, Cambridge Northants
2002 August No 28 My First Deep Sea Voyage Norfolk
  The Cory Society AGM: 22 June 2002; Cory Victorian Miscreants Event
  Cory Victorian Miscreants (1830-90s) ALL
  Them Bones, Them Bones, Them Dry Bones ALL
  Victorian Writers ALL
  Cadet papers Dev/Cornwall
2002 December No 29 The Cory Band Plays On D/C/S.Wales
  French Connections ALL/Northants
  Obituary: Kathleen Beatrice Cory (1924-2002) Norfolk
  Tregellas Tapestry Cornwall
  Echoes from the Past Norfolk
  From Our Honorary Secretary: 10th Anniversary ALL
  Professor Suzanne Cory Awarded Royal Medal in London Aus/D/C
2003 April No 30 Annie Corey and the Tregellas Tapestry Cornwall
  Journeys to New Zealand Kent
  Ken Corey, Author Norfolk
  Professor Suzanne Cory Australasia
  Letters to the Editor: re French Connections Cornwall
  Corys and Coreys in the 1901 Census ALL
  Two Sides To Everything Norfolk
2003 August No 31 The Cory Event in Bude: Group Photograph Dev/Cornwall
  A Report on the DNA Project: Dr Bill Cory’s talk at the AGM Event/DNA
  AGM Talk on Surnames: Is this your Name? Event
  Medal of Excellence: Professor Suzanne Cory Dev/Cornwall
  A Cautionary Tale USA
2003 December No 32 Shebbear College Research : Notes by Rev. W.H. Keast Dev/Cornwall
  Worth a Mention: Cory Society Website ALL
  Ruby Wedding Anniversary: Jean Hayes Devon
  Update: Cory Band is Number One in the World C/S.Wales
  The Americans Are Coming! Event
2004 April No 33 What’s New? Cory Logo Design. ALL
  A Fisherman’s Tale Norfolk
  Obituary: John Cory D/C/SW
  Cory – its variants and deviants: article and table ALL
  Putting Corys on the Map ALL
2004 August No 34 Northampton Weekend with our American Visitors Event
  Over Fifty Years of Family Tree Hunting Norfolk
  From North Yorkshire to Norfolk Norfolk
  Vernon Cory an Appreciation: Obituary Cornwall
2004 December No 35 Northampton Soldiers Northants
  Using the Internet to Further your Research ALL
  The Coreys in the North East Norfolk
  DNA Surprises DNA
  Cory – its variants and deviants ALL
2005 April No 36 A Tale of the Totally Unexpected C/S.Wales
  George Cory’s House Norfolk
  Cory Centenarian – 101 Years Young Kent
  Another Centenarian – Sarah Downing (née Cory) C/S.Wales
  The Salt Officer Dev/Cornwall
  Buy As You View Cory Band C/S.Wales
2005 August No 37 Cory Family Society Reunion 2005 Event
  A Peep at Pyworthys Dev/Cornwall
  Minutes Extra: re London Bombings Event
  DNA Report: July 2005 DNA
  Trees in Devon and Cornwall (see also No 38 page 3) Dev/Cornwall
  CD Searches: Norfolk Roots Norfolk
2005 December No 38 Cory Clan Derbyshire
  Prehistoric Links ALL
  Trafalgar Ancestors: Curry ALL
  Tree H Holsworthy Correction Dev/Cornwall
  An Afternoon of Discovery Norfolk
  Surprise Wedding C/S.Wales
  “I left my heart in San Francisco” ALL
  Arthur “Boy” Gostwyck Cory Australasia
2006 April No 39 Newspaper clippings – from London, Cornwall and further afield Dev/Cornwall
  E-mails to the Editor: re Trafalgar Ancestors Northants
  Obituary: The Reverend David Bedford-Groom FCA FRSA (1930-2006) Norfolk
  Obituary: Muriel Frances Jones (1917-2006) Dev/Cornwall
  A Forgotten Hero? Dr Robert Cory (1845-1900) and the vaccine controversy Norfolk
  Family History on the Local Radio Norfolk
2006 August No 40 The Cory Society’s 2006 Event at Deal, Kent Event / Kent
  Celebration of a Centenary: Dyffrryn D/S.Wales
  A Mark in Literature: John Corey, 1701 and 1704 ALL
  Obituary: Mary Ismay Cory (1916-2006) Dev/Cornwall
  From the Hon. Sec. Event
2006 December No 41 Our 50th Anniversary Australasia
  The Cory Family Society of America Meeting 2006 Event
  Lessons Learnt in Internet Genealogy General
  A New Roof for Dyffryn S.Wales
  From the Hon. Sec: Constitution changes; Cambridge Weekend 22-23 June 2007 Event
  The Cory Newsletter Gets a Makeover General
  Norfolk Roots Norfolk
  The Cory Society DNA Project DNA
2007 April No 42 Wartime Memories of the Cory Family: Nancy L Cory (Mark F R Cory) Norfolk
  Cambridge Weekend Itinerary. 22nd – 24th June 2007 Event
  A Rare Tribute To A Servant Devon
  Baptism of Slaves Norfolk
  Captain Cook’s Cloth Norfolk
  Obituary: Raymond Cory S.Wales
  Cory Nicknames ALL
  People and Places in Cambridge Norfolk
  The Cory Band Is Back! S.Wales
2007 August No 43 Looking Back: Win and Fres Cory’s 67th Wedding Anniversary Northants
  Norfolk Deoxyribonucleicacid DNA
  Cory Pioneers in Canada – from Milton Damerel Devon
  The Cory Centennial, 1879-1979 Canada
  Cambridge Event & AGM Event
  Family History Fairs Event
  Two Surprise Cory References Found in Cambridge Devon
2007 December No 44 Edith Mary Cory: 100 years on 24 Dec 2007 Devon
  My War Norfolk
  Norfolk News Norfolk
  Cory Pioneers in Canada – (Part 2) Canada
  A Plot of Land Near Lollards Pit Norfolk
  The Watermen ALL
  Letters to the Editor: Donation General
2008 April No 45 Serendipity, A Cory returns to Wembury Cornwall
  An Unusual Connection! USA/C
  AGM Invite: London, 13th June 2008 Event
  DNA Report: March 2008 DNA
  Early Corys ALL
  Cory Surname Origins ALL
  The Company of Cordwainers ALL
  Deal Corys: May and Baker Marriages Kent
2008 August No 46 London Event and AGM, 13th June 2008 Event
  A Date for your Diary? Norfolk Event 19-21 June 2008 Event
  Reginald Radcliffe Cory’s Patent Application S.Wales
  Letter to the Editor Kent
  VC Awarded to Rescuer of Cory Marine Norfolk
  So How Many Genes Do You Share? DNA
  Say Cheese! London
2008 December No 47 A Tryst With Death Or An Open Door Norfolk
  Letter to the Editor: Can Anyone Help? ALL
  DNA Provides an Answer DNA
  Devon Freeholders 1711-1799 Devon
  Norfolk Weekend Event
  Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada Event
2009 April No 48 Frederick Arthur John Cory of Harpole Northants
  A Civil War Soldier: Roger Cory ALL
  Oath of Allegiance Devon & Exeter Dev/Cornwall
  The Corys of Hutton Hall Norfolk
  Doreen Priscilla Jonas: Obituary Cornwall
  Norfolk Tourist Guide Book General
2009 August No 49 The Cory Society’s Norfolk Event 2009 Event
  A Fowl Deed? London
  Poundstock Descendants Cornwall
  John Paul Cory of Bradwell, Norfolk Norfolk
2009 December No 50
Descended from Moses Norfolk
  Richard Alexander Seymour Cory, OBE, FRCS, LRCP NFK/Jamaica
  100th Western Pennsylvania Area Cory Reunion Event/USA
  The Great Dunham Branch Norfolk
  Greetings from the Hon. Sec. General
2010 April No 51 Jersey Corys Jersey/Co
  TIP. Coreys Livery & Sale Stables London
  On Top of the World S. Wales
  In Loving Memory Dev/Cornwall
  Queen Victoria Seamen’s Rest Visit S.Wales
  The Cory Story S.Wales
2010 August No 52 The Discharge Papers of Chelsea Pensioners 1778-1874 ALL
  Corys All Shipshape & Bristol Fashion at 2010 Event Event
  New Canaan Lumber Camp USA
2010 December No 53
The Girl with the Silver Spoon – Bessie Cory’s Diary 1896 D/C/S.Wales
  The Victualler’s Adventure London
  Bernard’s Hardiment Corys 5-6; 10-13; Norfolk
  A Visit To (Ty) Coryton Cardiff
  Golden Wedding Celebrations Cornwall
  Update On Australian Professor Suzanne Cory, AC, PhD, FAA, FRS Devon
2011 April No 54
Cory Criminals from the South West: Table Cornwall
  Cory Criminals from the South West: Thomas Cory of Lincombe D/C/S.Wales
  Cory Criminals from the South West: William Cory – Cornwall & Tasmania (See also No 55) C/Tasmania
  In Addition General
  DNA Report: March 2011 DNA
  The Year of the Census General
2011 August No 55 Cory Criminals from Northampton 1-5 & 15 Northants
  2011 Event & AGM – London, Bloomsbury Event
  Obituary: Claude J Cory (1915-2011) USA
  Correction! (To article Newsletter No 54 page 5-8) C/Tasmania
2011 December No 56 Cory Criminals from Norfolk: Table Norfolk
  Cory Criminals from Norfolk Norfolk
  Mary Ann Cory’s Sampler Devon
  Obituary: Leslie Albert Victor Cory (1918-2011) Kent
  The Proposed Cory Society AGM 2012: Chesterfield, 22-25 June 2012 Event
  British and an Alien! Kent
  2011 Thoughts from the Hon. Sec. General
2012 April No 57 A Sad Story From My Family History Dev/Cornwall
  Dr Isaac Rising Cory of Shere Norfolk
  19th Century Newspapers & The National Trust Magazine Cornwall
  Dyffryn and Reginald Radcliffe Cory S.Wales
  DNA Co-ordinator’s Report: March 2012 DNA
2012 August No 58 What Happened to Hope? Norfolk
  The Cory Society Event 2012 – Derbyshire Event
  Obituary: Patrick Desmond Cory (1927-2012) Norfolk
2012 December No 59 My Family in Cutthorpe Derbyshire
  Rosemary Gitsham makes the News! Dev/Cornwall
  Plans for The Cory Event & AGM in Surrey, 2013 Event
  The Old Bailey Proceedings Dev/Cornwall
  Obituary: Don Reginald Cory Australasia
2013 April No 60 John Thomas & Lily Cory (née Ashton) Derbyshire
  Birthday Celebrations ALL/Nfk
  Crossing Tower Bridge Norfolk
  Sir Clifford Cory’s Scroll S.Wales
  Yesterdays’ News ALL
  Technology, And All That! General
  News From Norfolk DNA
2013 August No 61 Meeting Mark F R Cory; Memory (Poem) Norfolk
  Surrey Event 2013: Wisley, Lindley Library Event
  Surrey Event 2013: National Archive Event
  Surrey Event 2013: Kew Gardens Event
  Surrey Event 2013: Guildford & Shere Event
  Surrey Event 2013: Hampton Court Palace; Hampton Court Palace with a wheelchair Event
  Free Research Resources (Newspapers) General
  Australian Newspaper Archives Australasia
  Valuation Office Map Finder General
2013 December No 62 Teachers’ Registration Forms General
  The Cory Event & AGM in London – June 7-9, 2014 Event
  A Child At Christmas (Poem) General
  A Young Life Saved Cornwall
  The Forgotten Bridge Norfolk
  Great Yarmouth Bridge Memorial Norfolk
  The Meacham Barge Ware Tea Pot Norfolk
  Teachers’ Registration Forms: Mary Cory Norfolk
  Teachers’ Registration Forms: William Cotton Cory Devon
  Teachers’ Registration Forms: Marguerite Florence Corey London
2014 April No 63 Soldiers Who Died in WW1 ALL
  A Portrait of Mrs Polly Cory Norfolk/Jamaica
  Cory Heraldry ALL
  John Augustus Cory & Bramerton Lodge, Botcherby Norfolk
  Architectural Award; Membership News General
  DNA Report March 2014 DNA
  Cory Bros and William Cory and Son C.S.Wales
  The Annual General Meeting & Event Event
2014 August No 64 Filling The Gap C/Bloomsbury
  The Cory Event & AGM in London – June 7-9, 2014 Event
  Robert Ashby Cory Northants
  Commonwealth War Graves Commission General
2014 December No 65 Herbert Gladstone Cory Northants
  A Letter to a Brother Northants
  Harpole’s WW1 Roll of Honour Northants
  Arthur Ernest Cory (1892-1957) Northants
  Memorial for John George Burrell-Corey Norfolk
  Obituary: Arthur John Burrell-Cory (1927-2014) Norfolk
  H M S Bellerophon Norfolk
  Upcoming Events; Stratford on Avon; The American Cory Family Event Event
2015 April No 66 Giles Cory’s Immortality Northants/Salem
  Cory Man-trap C.S.Wales
  The Cory Society Needs You! General
  The Root of All Evil Norfolk
  P O William Richard Cory & HMS Vanguard Kent
  Cory Seamen; Titanic; The Cory Passenger ALL
2015 August  No 67 Museum Benefactors Norfolk
  The Cory Society Event & AGM: Shottery, Stratford on Avon, & Bletchley Park Event
  Denise Dolores Cory C.S.Wales
  John Cory of Shottery (1763-1826) Northants
  Awarded Medal for Gallantry (PC Geoffrey Thomas Cory) Norfolk
2015 December No 68 The Sale of the Trafalgar Flag from HMS Leviathan D/C/S.Wales
  The Rev David M Cory (1903-1996) Preacher of Social Reform USA
  Cory Family Society of America 17th-20th September Southold Event USA
  Obituary: George Kenneth Burrell-Corey (1925-2015) Norfolk
  Cory Clusters from 1939 Registers ALL
  Isle of Wight Event Preview Event
2016 April No 69 Dissolution ALL
  Return to Langdon Court D/C/S.Wales
  How Strange! My grandmothers had grandfathers named James Cory D/C/S.Wales
  Tons of Coal- Piles of Rubbish D/C/S.Wales
  Buckingham Palace Presentation D/C/S.Wales
  Dyffryn Gardens-in the News D/C/S.Wales

and sadly, the final issue:

 2016 August No 70 Isle of Wight Cory Chemists D/C/S.Wales
  The Isle of Wight Corys -Bodmin to the Isle of Wight D/C/S.Wales
  The Cory Event in the Isle of Wight Cory Event
  Kipling & Westward Ho! D/C/S.Wales
  From the Hon Sec…. A Farewell ALL
  The Cory Family Friends;
The Cory Archive is Online

Catch-up with what’s  happening:
Cory Friends’ Event and contacts through the website!

Sad to see the dissolution of the Cory Society a few members of the Cory Society were determined to continue the friendships that they had formed over many years at committee meetings and events. They formed the Cory Friends, a small group, designed with the sole purpose to meet up once a year to meet valued friends.

Contacts keep coming through the website about various Cory families, and any new Cory information that comes to light is continually added to the Cory database to help those who ask for help in the future. Happy to share these updates with Cory Friends at the first event in 2017 in the format of the traditional Cory Newsletter, which was continued by popular request to include one for this year too.  Articles in the Cory Friends’ Newsletter are listed below and can be viewed here:

Cory Friends’ News 2017  Issue Number 1
People Are Still Interested In The Name of Cory
Sir Herbert Beynon Cory (1855-1927)
Henry Cory (1827-1879) & Mary Ann Bolton (1835, St Pancras-)
From Sleepy Lingwood to Cable Street: Peter Douglas Cory (1932-2017)
Cory Friends’ Event – 16th to 19th June, 2017
Kathleen’s Flying Visit
Bradworthy Anniversary

Cory Friends’ News 2018 Issue Number 2

Cory Website Viewers
Red Cross Volunteers
Dame Mary Corie
New Devon Additions: One thing leads to another!
A Portrait In The Royal Collection
Two Cory Sisters of Note
Cory Friends in North Yorkshire, 2018
Cory Friends’ Event at Hayling Island, Hampshire, in 2019

Cory Friends News 2019 Issue Number 3

Sydney George Cory MBE
Riegels and the Stratford Corys
Corys in the National Portrait Gallery
Robert Woolmer Cory (1811-1882)
Dr Isaac Rising Cory (1860-1945)
Sinah Warren, 4th-8th June 2019
The High Society Wedding of Rosalie Cory
Visitors to the Website

Cory Friends News 2020 Issue Number 4

Gostwyck Corys
Great Yarmouth: Charles Cory (1813-69)
Australian Records
Leicester Corys
Robert Woolmer Cory’s Travels
Lincolnshire Tokens
Ty Coryton Gardens
Hereford Event 2021;  Coincidences
Visitors to the Website
Cory Friends News 2021 Issue Number 5
Contacts from the Website
Rosamund Champ: The Cory Family of Tresparret and Jersey
Jane Cory of Marhamchurch
Frederick Richard George Cory (1908-1979)
Red Cross Volunteers
Dr Isaac Rising Cory: Prisoner of War Camp Physician
Sian Phillipa Roberts (1959-2021)
Cory Friends 2021 Gathering
Dorothy Bamfield (1635-1717/18)
Nicholas Cory, Mayor of Tintagel
From Linkinhorne to South Africa
Francis Cory and The Tailor of Bradworthy
The Bible of Thomas Cory 1817
A Thank You From 1945
Reginald Radcliffe Cory’s Funeral
Kent Cory Contact
Clawton Corys
Stats and Insights