People and Places

October 1993: First Annual General Meeting at Harpole, Northamptonshire.

Chairman: Vernon Cory;
Treasurer: Colin Cory;
Research Officer: Michael Cory;
Secretary: Patrick Cory;
Additional Committee Member: Mark Hassall.
Membership: 17

October 1994: Second Annual General Meeting at Harpole.

Committee as above, but three new members:Ida Birch; Malcolm Cory and an Assistant Research Officer, Michael S Cory.

A mood of euphoria pervaded the proceedings since the membership had more than doubled and was fast approaching 40. The data bank comprised some 4.5mb.

May 1995: Historic gathering of American & English Corys


Cory Barton, West Putford

June 1995: Cory Lodge University Botanic Garden


Eleven members accepted the invitation of the Director and assembled at Cory Lodge for lunch and an escorted tour of the gardens.

1996: The Victory Services Club, London

1996 The VictoryServices Club

AGM Working Party!

Treasurer ‘Sherlock’ Colin Cory with his wife, Marilyn; Archivist Michael Cory; New Chairman, ‘Live Wire’ Mark Hassall comparing notes with the new Correspondence Secretary, Margaret Cullingworth.

June 1997: A visit to the College of Arms.


Mark Hassall with Andrea Duncan, our speaker, pictured beside the Victory Services Club Coat of Arms.

September 1998: Cardiff South Wales

No photograph, but the December newsletter reported a very successful and enjoyable weekend hosted by Raymond and Betty Cory. A very good time was had by all, including our members, Cicely Milner visiting from Australia, and Judy and Nick Spadaccini from USA.

June 1999: A Walk Round Bloomsbury

Perfect weather for the walk to visit the sites of the houses of Arthur & Fanny Cory* (Bramerton, Norfolk line), Ralph Cory (Tresparett, Cornwall line) and William Cory, Richard Cory and the Bell family into which Hannah Cory married (Mark’s Stratton line). * later became the Institute of Tropical Diseases!

August 1999: Weekend in Harpole


Visiting Holy Sepulchre Church, Battle of Naseby, Triangular Lodge, and as Jean and David Hayes found on rounding a corner, Rothwell Crypt.

2000 April: Exploring Jersey


Visit to St Brelades.Eighteen members of the Cory Society met several Jersey residents who came to the evening reception of trees, photographs and other memorabilia pertaining to Robert Cory and his wife, Alice née French.

2001 October: Lady Jane Cory’s Jewellery at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Twelve members from Scotland, and 7 different counties were shown Lady Cory’s bequest which was of incredible importance to the V & A, the like of which has not been received on such a scale since.

2002: Cory Victorian Miscreants (1830-90s)

Lots of laughter as the talk given after the AGM by professional genealogist, Matt Sears, had several of those present wondering if those naughty Corys were related to them!

 2003: The Cory Event in Bude


Cory descendants enjoying a visit to Penfound Manor:
from the left: Rosemary and Paul Holloway, Peter and Ida Birch with Mark Hassall behind them, Joan and Pat Cory, Annie and John Corey (and their two boys), David Hayes, Kate Pearce, Rosemary Gitsham, David and Anne Bedford-Groom, Wyn, Marilyn, Colin and Fred Cory.

June 2004: Four Day Event in Harpole, Northamptonshire


In 2004 The Cory Family Society of America chose to come to England for their Annual General Meeting and Event.  Already Phase 2 of their DNA testing revealed that our Colin Cory and William Cory were closely related to Art Corey and Earl Cory of USA (both descendants of their Thomas Corey Line).  Therefore, it was appropriate to come to visit the place of Thomas (17th Century emigrant) and his ancestors – Harpole, Northamptonshire. Colin’s Harpole ancestors date back to a 1538 marriage.

May 2006: The Cory Society’s Event at Deal, Kent.


Deal Castle
Deal Castle

The assembled Kent and Harpole Corys.
Les Cory (centre front) age 88 years, being the youngest brother and sole survivor of Bill Cory’s father’s family, was the star of the evening.  He had brought along 3 more generations including some young children. There were 41 people there at one stage of the evening!



June 2007: Cambridge Event & AGM:


Lazing on the river!
Lazing on the river!

From the left: Anne Bedford-Groom, Rosemary Holloway, Roger & Brenda Miller, Paul Holloway, Jean Hayes, Win Cory, Ida Birch, Fred Cory, Marilyn & Colin Cory, Bill Cory and Peter Birch.



June 2008: London Event and AGM.


At the Lindley Library

Left to right: Bill Cory, Peter & Ida Birch, Mark Hassall, Jean Hayes, Marilyn Cory, Brenda Miller, Margaret Goffin, Paul Holloway, Anne Bedford Groom, and Kingsley Goffin, at Thomas Coram’s statue, The Foundling Museum, 40 Brunswick Square, WC1N 1AZ.


2009 Norfolk Event: Corys at St Peter’s Church, Bramerton


Corys in court! (Norwich Guildhall)

Above photo, left to right: Paul & Rosemary Holloway, Peter & Ida Birch, Roger & Brenda Miller, Jean Hayes, David Cory, Gill Whitehead, Christine Todd, Mark Hassall, Margaret Goffin, Colin & Marilyn Cory, Janet Cory, Kingsley Goffin, Tricia White, Anne Bedford-Groom and Bill Cory.



July 2010: Corys All Shipshape & Bristol Fashion.


SS Great Britain

Corys at Dyffryn House
From the left, front row: Win Cory; Margaret Goffin; Jean Hayes; Christina Cory; Brenda Miller; Freda & Charles Cory; Earl Cory.
Middle row: Marilyn Cory; Gurj Cory; Kingsley Goffin; Bernie Corey; Carolyn Corey; Patricia Heighton, Marjorie Corey Fenili.
Back row: James Cory; Fred Corey; Colin Cory; Peter & Ida Birch; Roger Miller.


June 2011: Event & AGM – London, Bloomsbury.

2011LondonBedford Row

RegCory'sCeramic Pot
Cory ceramic in the British Museum

CORYS gathering before the AGM at Bedford Row:

From the left, front row: Bill Cory; Brenda Miller; Margaret Goffin; Jean Hayes; Rosemary Holloway; Glyn Roberts.
From the left, middle row: Ida Birch; Anne Bedford-Groom; Sian Roberts.
From the left, back row: Mark Hassall; Marilyn Cory; Colin Cory; Paul Holloway.



2012: The Cory Society Event in Derbyshire.


Haddon Hall
Main door and courtyard at Haddon Hall

Friday Evening:

Standing, left to right:
Kingsley Goffin; Bill Cory; Margaret Goffin; Peter Cory; Mark Hassall; Brenda Miller; Christine Cory; Marilyn Cory; David Cory; Paul Holloway; Barbara & Steve Sowden; Roger Miller; Colin Cory; Mark Paling; Peter Birch.
Seated, left to right:
Win Cory; Jean Hayes; Rosemary Holloway and Ida Birch.


2013: Surrey Event


Hampton Court Gardens
Hampton Court Gardens

Visiting Guildford: From 1st left: Mark Hassall.
2nd left, front to back, Paul Holloway; Barbara & Steve Sowden.
3rd left, front to back: Peter & Ida Birch; Brenda & Roger Miller; Bill Cory.
4th left: Janet & David Cory; Jean Hayes; Kingsley & Margaret Goffin.
On the right:
Wyn Cory (seated), with Colin and Marilyn Cory.


2014 Cory Event London Shipping    Cory cap

2014 London

Printed Hall Greenwich
The Painted Hall, Greeenwich

Dinner date at The Woburn Suite in the Euston Hilton! We welcomed David & Anita Cory, from the West Country’s Lifton Cory Line, who had travelled from Australia.
From the front left: Barbara Sowden; Mark Hassall; David & Anita Cory; Sian & Glynn Roberts ; Ida & Peter Birch;
and continuing from the top of the table:
Brenda Miller; Paul & Rosemary Holloway; Margaret & Kingsley Goffin; Jean Hayes; Stephen Sowden.


June 2015: The Cory Society Event & AGM
Shottery, Stratford upon Avon & Bletchley Park

2015 Shottery
Photo: Stratford-upon-Avon Herald
Shakespearian performance

Members of the Cory Society and parishioners at St. Andrew’s Parish Church, Shottery
with, in front from the left,

The Revd. Canon David Capron, Mayor of Stratford, Tessa Bates, and Mark Hassall, Chairman of The Cory Society.



June 2016 The Cory Society Event, AGM & EGM.

Ryde & Newport, Isle of Wight


A view of the gardens, Osborne House.

Front left: Jean Hayes, in front of Ayron, James & Gurjit Cory; Bill Cory; Ned Kozowyk; Brenda Miller & Roger; Win Cory;Alison Kosowyk; Kingsley & Margaret Goffin; Mark Hassall; Paul & Rosemay Holloway; Ida & Peter Birch; Barbara & Steve Sowden; Marilyn & Colin Cory; Sian & Glyn Roberts.



The Cory Society Executive Committee

First row: Jean Hayes; Mark Cory Hassall; Ida Birch; Marilyn Cory; Rosemary Gitsham. Second Row: Bill Cory; Margaret Goffin; Rosemary & Paul Holloway; Pam Cory.

Database:176172mb; 12,987 individuals; 4144 marriages.
Membership: 46 members including 2 life members.


Members of the last Cory Society Executive Committee say goodbye and thank you to our members, past and present. We look forward to meeting again in 2017 at the next event in Harpole which will be arranged by the Friends of the Cory Society. Further information about the event will be in the August 2016 Newsletter. This issue, No.70, will be the final newsletter.