The English Corys, Their History and Distribution

THE ENGLISH CORYS, Their History and Distribution

by Michael & Vernon Cory, published by The Cory Society in 1995.

A foreword by the Society’s Chairman, Mark William Cory Hassall, was added in March 2000 explaining how the original information was compiled and documents later discoveries. Copies of the 233-page book were for sale until the dissolution of the Society in 2016 when remaining stocks were distributed to Family History Societies in areas where Corys originated. Following requests through the website, links to some oft-requested chapters have been included via the Contents list below.



Chapter 1. Sources of Cory History

Chapter 2. The Western Origin of the Corys

Chapter 3. The Cory Name

Chapter 4 The Spread of Corys in Cornwall and Devon

Chapter 5. The Cory Dispersal in the South-West

Chapter 6. The West Cornish Corys

Chapter 7. The North Cornwall/North Devon – West Putford Corys

Chapter 8. The North Cornwall/North Devon – Stratton Corys

Chapter 9. The North Cornwall/North Devon – Poundstock Corys

Chapter 10. The Civil War and the North Cornwall Corys

Chapter 11. The Whalesborough Corys

Chapter 12. The Corys and the Bible Christian Connexion

Chapter 13. The Norfolk Corys

Chapter 14. The London Corys

Chapter 15. The Northamptonshire and Midland Corys

Chapter 16 (part). The Bristol Corys

Chapter 17. The Scottish Corries

Chapter 18. The American Corys

Chapter 19. The Australian Corys

Chapter 20. Cory Heraldry

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