Remembrance Day

How many parents of our younger generation encourage their children to take part in this day of remembrance?  How many youngsters have taken part in a service of remembrance or even watched the march past at the ceremony at the Cenataph in London today?

Why we should remember! Stories of some of those Corys who served in the wars have been reported in the Cory Newsletters and I hope will help you know some of the reasons why.

Aug 1999, No 19: Arthur Ernest Cory (1891-1957)
April 2000, No 21: Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Aug 2001, No 25: W T Cory of Kent (1900-1970); William R Cory (1887-1917)
Aug 2002, No 28: George K Burrell-Corey
Dec 2004, No 35: Northampton Soldiers: Fred Cory
Dec 2008, No 47: Ken Burrell-Corey
Apr 2009, No 48: Frederick A J Cory of Harpole (1920-2009)
Aug 2009, No 49: John Paul Cory of Bradwell (1923-2010)
April 2014, No 63: Soldiers who died in WW1
Dec 2014, No 65: Herbert Gladstone Cory (1899-1985)
April 2015, No 66: PO William R Cory & HMS Vanguard (1887-1917)
Aug 2015: No 67: PC Geoffrey T Cory BEM (1917-1996)

If you know of any I have missed mentioning, please get in touch through the website so that their story can be included on the website.

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