Corys in War Time


The following issues of Cory Newsletters contain articles about Corys in war time.

Newsletters can be viewed here.
Aug.1999    19    Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-1919
Dec.1999    20    Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-1919 Debt of Honour
Aug.2001    25    Indian Mutiny Medal
Aug.2002   28    My First Deep Sea Voyage
Dec.2004    35    Northampton Soldiers
Apr.2007    42    Wartime Memories of the Cory Family: Nancy L Cory
Dec.2007    44    My War: Sylvia Fry
Aug.2008   46    VC Awarded to Rescuer of Cory Marine
Dec.2008   47    A Tryst With Death Or An Open Door
Apr.2009   48    A Civil War Soldier: Roger Cory
Aug.2009   49    John Paul Cory of Bradwell, Norfolk
Aug.2010   52    The Discharge Papers of Chelsea Pensioners 1778-1874
Dec.2011    56    British and an Alien!
Apr.2014    63    Soldiers Who Died in WW1
Dec.2014    65    Herbert Gladstone Cory
Dec.2014    65    A Letter to a Brother
Dec.2014    65    Harpole’s WW1 Roll of Honour
Dec.2014    65    Arthur Ernest Cory (1892-1957)
Dec.2014    65    Memorial for John George Burrell-Corey
Dec.2014    65    H M S Bellerophon
Apr.2015    67    P O William Richard Cory & HMS Vanguard
Aug.2015    66    Awarded Medal for Gallantry (PC Geoffrey Thomas Cory)


A list of Corys who died in WW1 and WW2 can be found here:

Remembering those who have served


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